Day 5 was all about geting our snacks in the morning and off to the airport. Traffic was a problem when we head back to the apartment after getting our snacks at Or Tor Kaw Market thanks to Nat for your help for the recommendation after finding out Big C wasn’t a good idea after all. 

Thank you Bangkok Patio for your hospitality and helping us out with our requests. There is also free shuttle to the BTS despite the 5 to 7 minutes walk. I would like to commend a staff from the afternoon shift throughout our stay. I forget to ask you for your name but you did well. Thank you for taking care of us! 

We reach the airport pretty early however the gate wasn’t open just as yet. After check in, the queue at the immigration was so long, so it is advised not to arrive late for your flight. We got some halal food in the departure area before we head to our flight. 

Our departure flight back to the future by an hour to our Singapore home was via Thai Lion Air SL 104. We departed a delay of 15minutes but we still arrive 25minutes earlier. One of my friends thought the pilot was speeding. Speaking of which, we are flying quite low throughout the flight. Nonetheless we made it home safe and sound. 

Thank you girls for making this trip happen. I would not change a thing. Till our next trip! 

Good that everybody loves their souveniurs. And yes with the end of 9th August and end of my working day 1 of 11 till my next off, Happy birthday Singapore! SG51.  

10th August 2016, Wednesday 0001hrs


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