Day 4 got us visiting our animal friends at the Safari World. We bought tickets via Klook before we arrived so it is cheaper compared buying from the place itself. Just for your info though, the ticket price costs 1200baht/SGD 48 per marine life park and 1000baht/SGD 40 per safari world and the package of both costs 1400baht /SGD 56. So a smart move is to get the package price. 

Firstly to the Marine Life Park which is actually the walking Zoo. I do not know why they call it Marine Life though because the animals are a mixture of all. Less marine animals though. The park was quite big to walk with quite a number of timed shows along the way. We caught the monkeys and elephant ones and they are all so cute performing. Natural actors and actresses. Very entertaining. 

One of the highlights of the trip is the Giraffe sanctuary. You have the chance to feed at 100baht/SGD 4 per bucket. I am actually afraid they lick me though with their slimy long tounges. 

Next is the Safari World. It is really interesting though of the open concept and the animals can interact and walk freely. If you have your own transport, you can drive in. If not there is a coach at 30 baht per person leavint at scheduled timings. I was hoping for more action when we enter the tiger side because all of them are sleeping or at least more dangerous animals. 

Afterwhich, we head to Platinum Mall which again we shop till we drop. After those shopping, its massage time. I feel so good after a 2 hour thai and foot massage and it only costs us 500baht/ SGD 20 per person. This is my second official massage and never dissappoint. 

And of course supper with Macdonalds delivery. Double Fillet O Fish Meal for 3 of us with lots of fries that could no finish so as the really big Sprite. Bangkok trip would not be complete to showcase your shopping. So above says it all, only 3 items are what i bought for myself by the way. 

8th August 2016, Monday 1130hrs Bangkok Time. 


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