When there is a pool, might as well use it for morning workout. Our room is the same level as the pool so easy for me. Nobody seems to be present in the morning either so perfect for me. 

They have a steamer and sauna too however I have no idea how to operate the steamer though so just the sauna for me. It feel good after the swim. 2 rounds of 15minutes with a break of shower in the middle. 

Off we go to the Little Zoo Cafe I mention yesterday in one of my post. Cafe filled with exotic small animals like cats, dogs, meerkat, foxes and raccoon. I am not a person who plays with animals a lot though but I love to observe them. After which we went for shopping at Chatucak Market. Some things just do not change at all. Shopping of Round 1 began. 

We went back to the Apartment to deposit our Round 1 shopping. After which we continue on Round 2. Jelly Dreams Melissa shoes for my niece was the first stop. 

Then after which Dinner at MBK Mall The Fifth foodcourt. Phad Thai from the foodcourt is not that bad too. The tom yum koong tastes sweet though. 

Asiatique was not much difference from the last time so it brought so much memories and of course more shopping too. It was raining too and the taxi queue is really long so we run outside to get one and got the most expensive cabfare ever so far because of the driver did not use meter. 600baht/SGD 24. To think about it, its like Singapore on peak hour charge. 

That is all for the night. Mango Smoothies! 

7th August 2016, Sunday 0926hrs 


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