Day 2 did not go well for us after knowing that our tour had to be cancelled because of them suddenly thought of not picking us up due to location not part of their juridiscation. Sun Leisure Travel definitely have communucation issues with the main office in India and the office in Bangkok. Even so that the person we book with made a mistake because he was new. At least a courtesy to actually tell us beforehand and if so suggest an alternative arrangement because we already paid a deposit after agreeing that our location have the pickup but sadly no. I guess Coral Island and Parasaling does not go well with us today. Of course there are other alternatives of activities to do but I guess with lots of dissappointments we had in Pattaya, we just brought forward our Bangkok Transfer way earlier to 1pm instead. 

We had a meal though before heading to Bangkok and we have to search for it because most of the restaurants are closed in the afternoon. We stumbled upon the Dosa Hut. It is an all vegetarian dishes and pricey too as we.spent about 1300baht/SGD 52 on just vegetarian food. I feel so cheated. 

We checkout at 1pm and yes our stay was smooth and great. Thank you Airbnb and Alex for having us in your humble home. Alex was a great host helping us with pre arrival, arrival, during our stay and a proper departure too. Place was clean, safe and cosy too despite the distance. 

Our transfer to Patio Bangkok Apartment took longer than expected due to traffic. It took about 2 hours ish at 1500baht via Pattaya Express. Transfers with them is trustworthy and smooth so far. 

After check in, suddenly huge winds and rain just came from nowhere. We stayed a bit enjoying our nice apartment and then once the rain slowed down, we head for dinner back to where I had mine the last time at MBK Yana Restaurant that costs us a total of about 600baht/SGD 24. Worth and cheaper than the vegetarian food we had today. After which we round the malls at night. I cannot believe i remembered all these malls. Memories.

Okay this picture is just for fun and besides I have been doing my statics so why not show off a bit. Okayla nothing much to see also. Goodnight!

6th August 2016 0109hrs Bangkok Time. 


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