Hello! Its the time again for travels and this time with 2 ladies (Aisyah & Saf) and yes I am the only guy right here for this 5 days 4 nights trip to Thailand. People asking me why again to Thailand. That’s simple because I am going with a whole new different company. I believed that a different company on a trip will create new experience and memories. So here what’s goes down on Day 1….

Flight to Bangkok this time will be on Jetstar 3K519, firstly departure airport area having some renovation so some eateries change to another location. We had Killineys for breakfast. They are shock with my order Bee Hoon Fishball soup not forgetting I spilled some Milo out of nowhere. We had some issues of things at the start but things get better eventually. Flight with an experienced crew went smoothly so as the immigration. We have problems with finding our driver upon arrival though. Internet wise also a problem for me after I bought a faulty one. Lucky enough i went back and got the change. Unlimited data for 7 days for 299 baht/SGD 12. Not bad. We called our driver and we finally found our driver and off we go to Pattaya. Transfer was arranged via Pattaya Express for 1300 baht/ SGD 52. 

It was a 1.5hours drive and my butt kinda hurt with all those sitting down. By the way before heading to our apartment, we had a stopover at Prantumnak Hill with no extra charges for a view of Pattaya and picture spot. Afterwhich we went to our apartment via Airbnb @ Alex’s Crib at Acqua Condo. Reviews on day 2 when we check out. 

We were so behind schedule that we arrived about 2ish and decided to ditch our Nooch Nooch Tropical Garden plan and head to outlet mall shopping. I never get anything though. We were all actually tired and hungry so we dont feel quite right. We had a lot of sweet stuff today too. We also go through premium outlets and big Tesco to get our dinner Cup Noodles. 

Our highlight of the night is actually the Alcazar show that we pre booked in advance. The hour long show filled with lip singing cabaret dancers. It is very interesting nonetheless for me because its my first cabaret show and some filled with humour. Performances are not perfect but good enough to make a show. One thing irritates me though is the lighting shining at my eyes. Other than that all is good. After the show, we thought of going to a night market near our apartment but apparently most are already closed for the night. Oh wells at least we get fresh sweet mangoes, pineapples and rambutans. 

Day 1 could have been better though but I enjoy it nonetheless like an orientation day in Pattaya. Exciting fun activities happening later for Day 2! Goodnight!

5th August 2016 Friday, 0115hrs Pattaya Time. 


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