9th June 2016: 161/366 The Normal

Is being “normal” — whatever that means to you — a good thing or a bad thing? Neither?

Being normal or not does not matter, what matters is to be yourself. Once that is set, my personal opinion is being normal means you are basically the same as everybody else which I think I am that boring. I do not see myself different than others, even so it will be much lesser than others and not more because there is so much things about myself that needs to improve and do better.

People may find me not as normal just because of the way I am which I think it is normal for myself to be me. Maybe my voice of the way I talk is too recognisable that people knows that it is me.

Well like I said normal or not does not matter, as long to be yourself and not be somebody you are not or try to follow the trend and what not because that might not suit you.

Currently on the way to Bangkok because our tour got us cancelled. Oh wells I guess Pattaya is not for us. Good things happen in Bangkok hopefully!

5th August 2016, Friday 1519hrs Bangkok Time



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