8th June 2016: 160/366 Do Not Disturb 

How do you manage your onlinr privacy? Are there certain things you would not post in certain places? Information you will not share online? Or do you assume information about you is access anyway?

Online Privacy is not really a big thing for me because what placed online means it was meant to be shared with everyone and anybody is welcome to access any information they want about me. 
If I can, I would love all my social media in synch meaning everything I post will appear in every single one. They have the features for some of them and thats a good thing for sure. 

Of course there are things you cannot share online like your work items due to confidentiality and also the things you dont want people to know wont be shared either for sure. 

Somehow one way or another I feel every single thing you do in this world are being recorded into movie or a book. Every single move or thought you have and make, at least one will know. If it is meant to be out, it will be. Like in my religion says “Allah knows best”, God knows best. 

Currently waiting for my day to start so I have time for another prompt. 

5th August 2016 Friday 0818hrs


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