Tell us about a thing you’ll never write about.

I have no idea really; no taboo topic is discussed here for sure. I can blog and share about anything at all. Maybe just I wont really directly neither complain about work online nor insult anybody I know either. I wont and try my best to stay away from negative writing. Besides, why put myself in negativity stress level and why not turn that negative day you had into a meaningful lesson or share the joy and love you still have in you.

No matter how much stress or a bad day you have, there is always a positive side. Life is all about balance just that we sometimes don’t see the other half of it to make things seemed balance.

Lastly why declare something you will never write about because who knows it will contradict somehow and eventually written in the future. So for now everything in the universe is welcome to be written; as long I would publish or not.

So what do you want me to write about? Spam me.

Thursday, 21st July 2016, 2005hrs


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