3rd June 2016: 155/366 Tourist Trap

What’s your dream tourist destination — either a place you’ve been and loved, or a place you’d love to visit? What about it speaks to you?

For a start, I LOVE Travelling! If I could make that as my permanent life job while earning traveling to many places and doing write ups on every destination I head to on every single experience I have been in and paid for, I will go for it for sure.

The furthest country I ever went for is Turkey and that was when I was 10. The experience as a kid there really is wonderful. I got to experience snow for the first time, being liked by every single person there, getting gifts from every place I visit; it’s really a good experience when I was a kid and I hope to be there again when I am an adult.

So far travelling alone as an adult with or without loved ones or friends are usually just neighbouring Asian countries of their cities. One thing about Malaysia and Indonesia is the choices of food I can go for and easy to find but when it comes to other foreign countries that I have been like Cambodia, China and Thailand; hard to find food but the experience there is wonderful too.

I cannot choose a particular dream tourist destination that speaks to me because I do want to reach every single city in the world and experience the world I lived in. Before anything else, I do want to reach Mecca to perform my Haj and experience the holy place that people fell in love with. In sha Allah Amin.  

Thursday, 21st July 2016, 0642hrs


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