31st May 2016: 152/366 Teleport

If you could travel to any location in the universe — where would you travel and why?

I love travelling to every single place on Earth so this is rather a hard question for me to choose a particular location. If I could and have the money for travel plans, I would want to travel all around the world to every single city and experience everything in it from the architecture, culture, tradition, nature, people, food and basically all of it,

I probably want to start a travelogue meeting new people and experiencing their life as well. Blogging each day on a different type of experience I have and capture moments with the world. Of course if I could, I do want to start my own travelogue magazine to feature trips and experiences I have.

One of my ideas were to make shelf full of travelling experience from every country I visit and every city I can reach ranging from A to Z. This would be my dream to make this possible. I would want to make this my life if I could. 

Speaking of which, In a month’s time will be heading out again. Although my countries are nearby, the company I am with and the experience each time going over is worth every time and penny because moments like this doesn’t happen all the time.

 5th July 2016 0616hrs


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