30TH May 2016: 151/366 Fight or Flight

When faced with confrontation, do you head for the hills or walk straight in? Was there ever a time you wished you’d had the opposite reaction?

Today I embark on something like a learning program that takes me a lot to process. It will take time as I am only on day one but I do understand how things work and what to do. Speaking of which I do have a confrontation today and I go walk straight in then heading for the hills to deny that. First there is some truth to the confrontation of the rumours and second to get to that rumour, I explained it rather than goinf round the bush.  

I usually react directly and calm when receiving confrontations. I feel if I get all worked up, it won’t help with the confrontation at all. Things just get worst, Heading for the hills is not really a good idea than running away from the confrontation.

Today also I had an impromptu meet-up with my secondary school friends and we so called had a confrontation with one of us and he definitely goes for the hills rather than walk straight in. I understood why he do that though, just because he taught we would judge him and he will feel embarrassed, We are all close friends, so nothing to hide okay?

Sometimes in most situations I have been in, I might not support the action, response or decision but still as a sign of respect and understand we are all humans. We aren’t perfect and we made mistakes. Don’t you agree?

4th July 2016 Monday, 2355hrs


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