29TH May 2016: 150/366 Weaving the Threads

Draft a post with three parts, each unrelated to the other, but create a common thread between them by including the same item — an object, a symbol, a place — in each part.

I was helping a friend of mine on a school project and with the journeys I had to work, these what I came out with and it is perfect for this post to share tis craft I made.  

Last Modified: 27th June 2016/ Posted: 30th June 2016, Thursday 1325hrs

Remember the time we were ten
Our parents got us our first bicycle back then
Balancing on 2 wheels that very first time
We fell and get back up till we were on an official ride
Mastering on a straight path
Navigating the twist and turns with those handlebars are tough
Expert till we go smooth
Faster those peddling on those chains; faster we move
Alerting with the sound of bells and flicker lights at night
Till we brake taking breaks with drinks on our detachable basket at he red light
Thats our bike.

Journeys with you are fun
You gave me that healthy lifestyle
Trusting you creating stunts
You are my hobby my exercise
Competing on marathons feeling the breeze
Making trips down those thrilling hills
On the road riding the green light wave
Like a vehicle to stop and give way
Creating adventures we pursue
Recording history together us two
Thats my bike. 

We both definitely have become one soul
Life gets easier and convenient till we grow old
You go through multiple spare parts
You are forever recyclably new while my legs gets rusty 
With excitement of laughter sweet sound
My grandchildren i pass down
With the same cycle over I train
My memories came back to me with you and my late dad again
Im blessed to have you in my life
May whatever comes next for you will be kind
Thats my bike. 


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