You’re stuck in an elevator with a person from your past. Write this scene.

On my way down the elevator with a stranger that looked familiar, older now. Almost reaching down and suddenly stopped and blackout. Thank goodness I have my phone with me to use the torchlight.

It’s an old lift with no glass on the front of the lift of a HDB Flat. The stranger right in front pressing the alarm; phones got no reception to call either. With the light from my phone, I stand quietly at the side hoping we don’t even start a conversation nor even recognize me in the first place.

Sign of relief, after a few minutes, its back up and running and level one. We exchange smiles and off I went out never looking back into that scene again. I want to believe people change and want to give chances but sometimes some people are just need to be left there and then and not probe further.

30th June 2016, 1255hrs


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