27TH May 2016: 148/366 Say Your Name

Write about your first name: Are you named after someone or something? Are there any stories or associations attached to it? If you had the choice, would you rename yourself? 

My first name is actually Muhammad Syanizam and well Syanizam people known me as that. My family and relatives calls me that. My mother and sister call me by my name. My close friends from my secondary school calls me my name or in short “Syani.” I don’t know where that came from though. My grandmother and some of my colleagues calls me “zam” and everybody else from my colleagues, my best friend, friends and even when I address to my guests to call me “Nizam” just because it is easy to remember and simple to pronounce. I have a few friends who calls me “Sya” too. Well whichever it is comfortable for you to call me by, just do; I am fine with it.

My mother told me that she named me by my name to have a meaning of a fluent speaker which obviously I do not have as I do struggle in pronunciation and stuttering while I talk. It’s worst when I was younger I guess but in the process of all that growing up, I kind of get the practice a lot and look where I am now, my job is talking to guest all the time. There are times the words just don’t flow out and I start to stutter and cannot pronounce the word at the moment of time. All I did was to take a breather and form the sentence and deliver it. Everybody now knows I don’t really communicate much in person because I only do talk if I had to and at least my mum is proud that I do love writing which at least somehow represents my name.

There is always a choice to rename myself since I am already above 21 but I wouldn’t because that is my name given to me by my parents and it hold up my entire life of how I have been living. I wouldn’t want to change that despite there are things that happened with me and my childhood people still remember my name as I was bullied last time and called names. Well that’s the past, I gone through and accepted all the things that happened to me and move on and have proven myself with the name to be a person who continues to strive and improve and deliver his best too.

Written by the very person; Muhammad Syanizam Bin Muhammad Ridwan. That’s my name.

30th June 2016, Thursday 0557hrs


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