25TH May 2016: 146/366 Tell Us Your Story 

Tell us about a journey — whether a physical trip you took, or an emotional one.

The working life journey for me has been a crazy ride. It’s an eye opener to be a working adult in a working life career. My personal life right now is pretty much boring as out of the whole week; I’m working 6 days. Job wise I love it, the interaction with different types of guest every single day and the things you do and give your very best service is simply rewarding. Nobody is perfect so you get to face many different types of people. Patience is tested and Priorities of what to do first are simply challenging because efficiency is key. All these things in my job are my thrills and stress level is pretty much worth it.

The downside about every type of job is there is always a pros and cons to it from work politics which makes negative stress level, the different colleagues you work with which for me is no problem because I can work and accommodate with anybody and basically the management of how things work out and the agenda of the whole company which either stretching out your best potential or simply breaking your job mood overall.

What I know that I always have given my best and whether my efforts and sacrifices are appreciated or not that’s another question, I believe as long you do things with your very best intention and your sincere heart, everything will work out for you. You just need time to figure out why and the reason behind every decision that happens in your life.  

28th June 2016 (Tuesday), 0605hrs


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