23rd May 2016: 144/366 Fictional Elevator

You’re stuck in an elevator with an intriguing stranger. Write this scene.

Speaking of elevators, this week I got so many stories of elevators gone wrong. I even thought that these elevators have their own sense of mind that CONTROL themselves while in service. The speed it had, the buttons don’t work and the weird stops at levels they are at, even the voiceover of going up or down while it is moving in an opposite direction. I want to say that these elevators are haunted but hmm its fasting month though so should not have any ghost right?

Well if it happens that I happen to be stuck in an elevator which well in my 23 years of living I have not experience it yet, it would be interesting and please better I have my phone with signal or else I probably am stuck. I also hope that the stranger with me would not panic or have a heart attack or an anxiety attack because I really don’t want to handle that. It helps if the stranger I’m stuck with is a fit person though. Oh and please do not happen when I am working and stuck with a guest; it will be super awkward and I will be basically have to be professional and apologise for the inconvenience when honestly I am human too and remaining calm and not get stress because of responsibility of my guest’s safety.

I cannot write this scene mainly because I cannot imagine or want it to ever happen being stuck in a lift.

24th June 2016 Friday, 0540hrs


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