22nd May 2016: 143/366 Green-Eyed

Tell us about the last time you were really, truly jealous of someone. Did you act on it? Did it hurt your relationship?

Jealousy for me is really a bad emotion which technically as I have grown into a mature person, jealousy don’t wok on me anymore. Yes I would say I will be jealous of people who are way better than I do in terms of lifestyle, travel places they went, off days and such but it’s more of a casual jealousy that doesn’t really mean a thing. Sometimes it does push me to plan for something better for myself to work on it.

Real Jealousy in terms of negative emotion, I have been there actually not in terms of relationship wise but more to while I was in school when I realised that I could actually be a high achiever back in my lower secondary school days and there is always this particular classmate of mine who always be on top and yes it did push me to negative thoughts of the silly things I done but thank goodness it actually stopped and I accepted it and move on. Unfortunately though, school just becomes more difficult for me to be a high achiever.

In terms of relationship though, I hardly get jealous maybe mainly because I can be a trusting boyfriend anyone could ever have. I feel that being in a relationship, the level of trust you have with another person is there and you will never be replaced unless you thought otherwise which unfortunately some girls find it scary that I don’t get jealous easily and thought I didn’t care but they are wrong and they don’t get me the way I do.

Well main point is to be jealous, make jealousy into a good way by making yourself better than you are today. That’s the best jealousy anybody should have. Use jealousy to work on things rather than wasting time doing negative things.

23rd June 2016 (Thursday), 0552hrs


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