19th May 2016: 140/366 Dulled

You encounter a mysterious man offering you a magic potion that, once sipped, will make one of your senses (sight, hearing, taste, smell, touch) super sharp — but dull the others. Will you sip it, and if so, which of the 5 senses do you choose?

In Feed Your Senses, hearing seems to be my first thing I always wake up to. If I were to rank my senses, it would be sight first because sight for me is the most important among all. Second would be hearing, music is the second best thing other than seeing the world. It also helps in talking too. Third would be taste for me because I LOVE FOOD. It is very important; I even want to put that second instead of hearing. Fourth would be touch, I am not sure why but to feel pain physically and textures do help. Lastly would be smell, I don’t use it as often as everything else mainly because odours and fragrances are just a luxury of making life seems to be more lively than usual.

Firstly, there is this saying do not accept things from a stranger and I wouldn’t even accept it knowing more that it is a funny looking magic potion that I should sip it? Just for the prompt though, if I were to accept it, making one sense super sharp, the most interesting thing that the sense can be enhanced would be the sense of hearing like a vampire in those vampire shows. Super Sharp!

Nonetheless, I wont want my other senses to dull as I appreciate every senses I have and I wouldn’t change a thing. Speaking of which; I am still afraid to use contact lenses though to make myself look good but well I stick to my geeky glasses.

20th June 2016 (Monday), 1311hrs


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