18th May 2016: 139/366 Helping Hand

Tell us about the most surprising helping hand you’ve ever received.

I have many helping hands in my life physically and emotionally. I am grateful and thankful to Allah for all the helping hands that were provided in my life so far. To all my helping hands in my life thus far, thank you.

I cannot really think of a most surprising helping hand I ever received at the moment. In my job, offering a helping hand to someone happens all the time; the opportunity to help and deliver a good service is always there. It’s a choice of how much further you want to go through with the person.

I think when somebody thinks of the best service means they received a surprisingly helping hand from us. Don’t you think? So let’s continue extending our hands to help someone whether it is your job or by your own because helping hands will come back to you whenever you need one too.

19th June 2016 (Sunday), 0651hrs


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