14th May 2016: 135/366 The Interview

 Interview your favorite fictional character.

One of my favourite movies of all time since I was young was Finding Nemo and knowing that the next sequel from the movie Finding Dory just premiered today in Singapore, I would love to sit down with my favourite character of the movie, Dory herself.

 Me: Hello Dory, thanks for letting me to visit you and interview you in this big aquarium of yours.

Dory: No problem, I love having you around talking to you because I have lots of visitors all the time but none I have a proper conversation yet an interview. I am kind of nervous. So what you want to ask exactly?

Me: I definitely want to ask you about your main role character in your sequel film from Finding Nemo which is Finding Dory. Is the show similar with Finding Nemo where humans catch you too?

Dory: No this is a little different knowing I am the star, can you believe it that me a forgetful fish is a big star in my own film? Basically I was finding my parents who I happen to just appear in my head suddenly after all these years. There is also human involvement that I was caught in this film. Oops am I not suppose to say that producers? I forget.  

Me: I am sure you did in the end right, as that was the main mission of the movie?

 Dory: I think so, did I? Please watch it I cannot remember.

 Me: I will. I heard there would be new characters?

 Dory: Yes there are new friends like my friends the whale , octopus, seals and I forgotten. We also have some existing characters, Nemo and Marlin my duo clownfish teammates, stingrays and sea turtles. It’s so fun working with new friends and seeing some of my own friends.

 Me: I am sure its fun making and working with new and existing friends. I am so going to catch the movie soon, just needs to fix my schedule to find the right time. Thank you for your time Dory. Before we end any words to your fans? 

Dory: Thank you for having me in your exclusive interview, yes please watch the movie because I am the star here by the way and yes one advice I would love to give my fans is to never give up in whatever you wish to pursue. #justkeepswimming

16th June 2016 (Thursday), 0622hrs


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