13TH May 2016: 134/366 Unconventional Love

 Tell us about the most unconventional love in your life.

The post before this, which is “I want to know what love is” talks about the different ways on how to love besides the post “Morphing” before that I was talking about love too. Posts about love these few prompts I see.

Unconventional Love is something that you like more than the normal standard. I think I do have unconventional love with my family and close friends even my two terrapins. I do care for them much more than I do with my casual friend, colleagues at work and strangers.

I don’t have a partner whom I can express my unconventional love to that because that will be definitely be very different than any other love I already have. Hopefully one day with patience till forever.

I do have unconventional love with my religion though with Allah. It’s different that I don’t think many will understand because I will never feel lonely, as I will never be alone. Nonetheless Spread the Love.  

15th June 2016 (Wednesday), 0541hrs


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