12TH May 2016: 133/366 Fill In The Blank

 Three people walk into a bar . . .

One ordered beer because he enjoys the taste of it whether it is with food or no food. Beer is his favourite drink. He also enjoys other types of alcohol with the company of his two other friends because he knows he will be well taken of when he is drunk.

Two only drinks when he has problems, he does it all the time whenever he has a stress day at work or simply a bad day. He wants to get high all the time to forget the sorrows he have in his life. With company of his two other friends, he tends to take it slowly while ranting his miserable life. The other two gets used to it besides its good to let it out than keeping it in although sometimes it is better to do it without getting high.

Three doesn’t drink. He just ordered fruit juices if there were in the menu if not bottled mineral water would do for him. He is the quietest among the three of them actually. He listens and talks whenever it is necessary for him to do so or things suddenly become so quiet, he will try to start a conversation. He hardly shares about his life because he thinks that his life is just that and there. Of course when prompt, he will definitely share and when it comes to opinions, he is damn direct about it.

That’s the story of 3 people in the bar on one of those night outings.

 14th June 2016 (Tuesday), 2348hrs


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