3rd June 2016: Chill and Relax

We literally want to rest today, i had my workout swim in the morning and afterwhich we plan to just head to the mall and day market.

The mall is pretty much quiet near the airport. Central Plaza do not have much traffic at the shops but many at the food areas at the basement. We just have starbucks.


I am surprised that the day market is pretty much big too like the night market but the items sold in the day is a little different. It is more of fresh produced items, fabrics and simple clothing shops and dry food vendors. Of course by the afternoon most of the market stalls like the meat and all are closed. I bought the food items at the market. It is kinda pricey here in Chiang Mai compared to Bangkok for their durian chips which I got for 220baht for 250grams. And yes i spent like more than SGD 100 for just these food items. Thank goodness that i got it in a day market because the night ones were little more expensive and in the airport it is well even pricey and cannot be bargained.

We came across the Hilal Town and Halal Street where the street of local halal food and a mosque with it. Its Friday too but I missed the Friday prayers. Their Nasi Padang stalls also were all finished the time we came. However I managed to try the local Thai Chicken Rice. It was not bad at all with their chili a bit different.

We went back to the hotel to rest and thinking whether to go for another round of night market but well I dont think we need anything else so my friend of mine googled a dinner place which comes with a show. It was something different and they have a halal menu but i was so overwhelmed with how much food was there that I couldnt eat much because I became full. The show was nice but we were at the front side that the view was half blocked. Transport back to the old city for us was hard because the restaurant was located at the other side of the river. We walked up a bit and thank god we found a bus terminal which have tuk tuks nearby.

Thats our last night! The next last day probably to get ready to go back home.

4th June 2016, Saturday 1654hrs


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