124/366: 3rd May 2016 The Little Things
Describe a little thing — one of the things you love that defines your world but is often overlooked.

Im catching up with my posts on the flight since I couldnt shut my eyes. Earlier i had their Cabonara Pasta. It is not bad. I dont really eat in the plane but because my flight was bought with a combo with meal included. I shouldnt waste it. Oh and I lost my favourite pen. Oh wells.

Earlier there was a passenger in the plane who ask about coffee of the difference of what they served with the meal and what was sold. Technically the question started from whether the coffee sold was in 3 in 1 and with his curiousity he jumped into it even further and he asked loudly too which honestly trying to get attention with the people around him and thats unnecessary but kudos to the stewardess for answering the question the best she could. And thanks to Irene for lending me your pen.

Back to the prompt, one little thing I love that defines my world that people might overlooked would be the interaction between each person. People are so used to their gadgets that what happens around them just falls flat. And for me to see another person smile makes my day which is why I always gives mine.

31st May 2016 (Tuesday), 1337hrs


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