119/366: 28h April 2016 Your Time To Shine

Early bird, or night owl? 

Well from the time this post was written and posted, you probably know that I am a night owl but it is usually due to my work roster that makes me a night owl. I am most of the time on an afternoon shift that turns me to a night owl as once I am back and got a good shower, I am refreshed.  

Well no matter how late I sleep though, I am always an early riser for my morning prayers as my alarm sets at 6am daily without fail. The only time I will ever missed it if I was really tired that I missed my 6am alarm and it happens before by the way but it have not turn into a habit and that’s good.  

Usually after my morning prayers, I will get back to sleep unless I have something on that I have to do, if not sleep is really important to me. If I am on morning shift that happens once in awhile, I will be up at 5am and so far I missed both alarms at 5am and 6am respectively because I had a long busy afternoon shift and I am on morning the next day and thank goodness it happens only once that I overslept literally for work.

 Of course, if I have to choose, I probably go for an early bird as things can be done so much more in a daytime than in the nighttime, Having a constant sleeping time also is very desirable for me but oh wells I am on shift work so I have to adapt accordingly to either early bird or night owl but oh well in this case tonight I am a night owl is heading to bed soon. Goodnight!

28th May 2016 (Saturday), 0120hrs


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