114/366: 23rd April 2016 Earworm

What song is stuck in your head (or on permanent rotation in your CD or MP3 player) these days? Why does it speak to you?

There are definitely many songs I listen to and some, which I don’t have the experience of but I put myself into those shoes to feel the song. Of course there are some songs that make up the situation I had before or currently even but let’s not put that up shall we?

I mention some songs on some of my posts that are my repeats rotation of my playlist and I won’t be putting these songs for today’s post because I don’t want to repeat them again. Just in case you are wondering what songs I mention before, here are the posts; She Said, Unknown Caller & Playlist of the Week

If I have to pick a song that is stuck in my head and spoke to me the most would be “Lost Boy” by Ruth B. I love the way she brought the characters of Peter Pan in the song with a different take of the message the movie which actually not growing up but with the song it bring us to we the lost boys looking for comfort when we are lost, down or lonely. And to me it always been my strong faith in my religion to know that “Allah always will be there every single second from the start to the end”.

It could be a different take for you and not necessarily similar as mine. Your comfort can be your loved ones or even your hobby or interest like music, travel, workout and even writing blogs.

15th May 2016 (Sunday), 0034hrs

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