112/366: 21st April 2016 Companionable

Head to one of your favorite blogs. Write a companion piece to their penultimate post.

 Hello randomblockspaces! Sorry for not updating and so behind time lately. Tonight post I have no particular favourite blogs because I don’t really follow any at the moment but I do constantly link my post to thedailypost and read other posts under the same prompt to explore other people’s take on the prompt, their opinions and answers.

What did you guys missed? I am currently uncle of 2 now with my nephew just welcome to the world on May 12th 2016, name unknown yet and those past week of late nights of thinking and dilemma, I finally did it and made my decision of an opportunity that was offered to me. We see how things go next!

Alright time to head to bed as I am on back to back shift tomorrow morning and have to wake up early to get to work. Goodnight!


14thMay 2016 (Saturday), 0026hrs

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