103/366: 12th April 2016 Decisions, Decisions

How are you more likely to make an important decision — by reasoning through it, or by going with your gut?

Decision-making is really hard for me I would say because I cannot decide things easily unless I really have to. For example, if you ask me to decide to choose a place to go for a meal, I usually let the other party decides although it can bite me and it did. The only thing that helps me to agree on the choice they made is whether it is halal or not and then other factors doesn’t really mater to me. Some things are good to let others decide because honestly you can’t and the more reason why I hardly ask people out because of I can’t decide where to eat r what to do because honestly sometimes when I do is either plan changes or didn’t happen at all.

There is also a decision making through your brain or heart. The hardest part is when both the brain and the heart do not agree with one another. Like an upcoming decision I have to make which I change up and again. By reasoning through with my brain for a better opportunity and life basically; it made sense if I grab that but with my gut telling me to hold on to that thought because just maybe your current situation will get better and opportunity will rise soon after time and it did. The timing really makes the ultimate decision.

Decisions also comes with whether it is the by right or left. When it is by right meaning following through rules and such but if it is by left meaning through a little loophole against the rules. For example, by right this cafe is not halal certified however the meat is halal and no pork or lard so why not? There is alcohol in the drinks section? Okay we don’t drink that.

Lastly, decisions that come from your current situation like your schedules, budget and even whether you are healthy or not. For example, to go for a holiday require you to plan based on your budget to save for the trip as well whether you are free and if not you have to plan your leave.

 Nonetheless, decisions that are made; do not ever regret it because you should know that each decision made will bring some kind of pros and cons to it. Mostly pros because at the end; you still gain something even if the decision failed on you. You learnt from it and do things better the next time. Speaking of which some people just doesn’t change sadly. Random.

 29th April 2016 (Friday), 0707hrs


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