101/366: 10th April 2016 Imperfection

Imperfections — in things, in people, in places — add char- acter to life. Tell us about an imperfection that you cherish.

Imperfections depend on how people see it, for me; I love the different imperfections of people because that makes them real and human. The imperfections in them make the perfections in them.

 I categorized myself as Mr. Unexpected. I think I am very quirky because you wouldn’t expect what will come out of me although people kind of expects me to be Mr. Goodie Good Shoes but oh well I still surprised people and myself on the things I do sometimes.

Sceneries and captured moments to me have no imperfections. They are the perfect the way they are. You never get to witness the exact same thing twice. Let’s say that is all natural.

Things with imperfections are worth if they have a value of sentimental in them whether it is made or given by somebody or a particular symbol of remembrance. If not, usually we seek perfection on the items we choose to impress.

Lastly imperfections do add character because they have stories in them. If everything were in perfection state then the world would be peaceful but yet boring. Just my thoughts you don’t have to agree at all.

Today I caught up with a friend of mine from the Gardens to exchange souveniurs apparently from Malaysia. Langkawi herself and my recent trip to Kuala Lumpur over the company of Pastamania which I had the salted egg soft shell crab pasta which is okay not as good as the one at 18 chefs though, The Jungle Book Movie which is a great movie since I have not watch movie for a long time and ended the day with lAOlAO yoghurt which never disappoints. Thanks Radyia for the great evening!

 I will end my post with Baloo words from the Jungle Book “Forget your worries and your strife”.

 28th April 2016 (Thursday), 2324hrs


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