30th March 2016:90/366 Five A Day

You’ve being exiled to a private island, and your captors will only supply you with five foods. What do you pick?

 Exiled to a private island with only five foods? Oh wait I make sure I can build a shelter for myself and know how to start fire. It feels like Survivor where there is an exile island alone. If I am given only five foods and meaning five foods meaning water is not part of the foods. I will pick:

  1. I love fruits but I choose bananas because it provides me with energy and meal replacement for long hours. Probably in the island might have other fruit trees like Coconuts.
  1. Eggs would be the next on my list. You can cook it in any type of ways. Besides meat wise for protein I can simply go seafood by doing some fishing and finding for clams and crabs.
  1. Rice, carbohydrate that will goes well with anything and it can be kept long if it is uncooked. So whenever I choose to have rice, I can cook. Besides I can save the rice for how long the period I am exiled.
  1. Potato Chips. Gosh this is really hard to include because having ice cream and chocolates are not practical since they melt. However potato chips are the once that I can savour after throughout a few days.
  1. Lastly before I go nuts, I rather have my favourite cashew nuts, baked or roasted. One of my favourite healthy snacks other than cereal. Again it provides me with energy and I can savour it too for a few days.

These selections are Practical when being exiled. Of course if it is my top 5 favourite foods, I will definitely differ with the types of foods I chosen in this list and they will be Ice-cream, strawberries, avocado juice, salmon and cookies.

12th April 2016 (Tuesday), 0017hrs


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