24th March 2016:83/366 Competition

What activity, task, or game most brings out your competitive streak?

 Competitiveness draws in different places and good ones are those that bring the best out of you without going through cheatings, going over the line with negative ways to win over.

 Games really bring out the competitiveness when I know how to play the game. Activities such as those challenging ones that I have to conquer myself are the ones that bring out the best in me. The same goes for tasks. Other motivation of competitiveness also comes with what benefits you get in the end.

 Lastly, I am glad some people I know found something great today and I can see some interesting things from people today too from some people you don’t even think that will come from. In all I love the randomness because some random that have interesting continuation of what happens next!

 6th April 2016 (Tuesday), 0333hrs


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