19th March 2016:79/366 Managerie

Do you have animals in your life? If yes, what do they mean to you? If no, why have you opted not to?

I just realised yesterday’s written post, I add one more to the list of 6 listed items. Today I woke up with my ulcer got even worst as it is affecting my throat to be sore and continuous headaches throughout the day at work. My friend suggested buying a gel called Bonjela that I heard for the first time to apply on the ulcer/sore areas. I hope it works. And please feel better soon or else my ulcer gets even worst.

 I have animals in my entire 23 chapters. I have fishes before which all died in the end so I gave up having fishes. However I still have my adorable terrapins Tippy and Toppy ever since I was 6. They are both now age about 17 years, as old as this house. They meant to me a lot because they are my birthday presents that lived with me throughout the years. I can never let them go yet because they are still my babies. Besides, I always think they wont live well on their own out there since they are pets. I don’t have any picture to show at the moment; furthermore they are asleep so do the owner have to rest soon. Goodnight!

 2nd April 2016 (Saturday), 0212hrs


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