75/366 Comfort Zone

15th March 2016:75/366 Comfort Zone

What are you more comfortable with — routine and planning, or laissez-faire spontaneity?

 Routine and Planning is definitely the safest choice because basically you already know or expecting what to be done. Comfort zone usually falls into the routine and planning because you are always prepared what to do next.

 However I am more comfortable with laissez-faire spontaneity mainly because I love putting my personal touch in it and play my cards according to the situation I am in. Procedures are procedures, plans are plans but if you improvise to your own with the knowledge of preparations and plans you already did before will give you a higher rate of success of the final outcome and personal satisfaction. Besides no matter how much routine and planning, reality check; life happens. 

 Today is my 6th day of 11 and what a queue number of situations I am in. I have a bonus question randomly ask by my best friend, Aisyah today before she heads to sleep. She asks me “What is one talent you would want to have if you could?”

 Answer: Singing. I would love to possess a good voice, which can deliver both lyrics and emotions through one voice.


29th March 2016 (Tuesday), 1348hrs


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