12th March 2016:72/366 Erasure

You have the choice to erase one incident from your past, as though it never happened. What would you erase and why?

 Control, Alternate, Delete. This is very tempting to do if I have a choice to erase one incident permanently from my past because you have past experience and moments that was so traumatizing that it haunts you till today. You will wish that didn’t take place in your life.

 But guess what it did and these past experience and moments whether it is good or bad makes you the way you are now. I don’t regret that those things that you want to erase permanently but you wish it could be better. Of course, some of them you learn something from those bad or good experience. At times you still wonder why those things happened.

 I always advise people and myself that behind every situation, there is a reason. In every obstacle you face, just remember it is there because you are meant and able to overcome it eventually. Hardships and Tests wont happen to you if you cannot face it, those things happen because you can overcome that. With that you will see the bigger picture of why those things you wish could be better happened eventually. Although sometimes it takes a really long time to know, in all knowledge you have about yourself and your life, remember that these happen for good reasons.

 Control, Alternate, Delete, Denied.

Accept, Reflect, Overcome and Move On.

 24th March 2016 (Thursday), 0632hrs


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