7th March 2016: 67/366 Seven Days
You wake up tomorrow morning to find all your plans have been cancelled for the next seven days and $10,000 on your dresser. Tell us about your week.

7 days worth of plans cancelled when I work 6 days a week? That’s like SUPER! $10,000 on my dresser for me to spend for that whole week? Not a problem! I probably go for a getaway for that week away from here bringing my family along. I don’t even know if I even will finish that $10,000 on my dresser for that week of family trip. Of course family getaways with my family will be definitely be somewhere laid back, elderly friendly and able to find halal food easily. That would be my week.

Reality check. That won’t be happening any sooner. This week my off day will be early on Tuesday with Monday Morning Shift and starting on Wednesday will be my first of 11 continuous afternoons since my off the following week falls on Sunday. Experiencing 10 days work straight twice can be very draining. Well if I can conquer that 10 days, 11 afternoons should not be a problem. I just have to hang in there and fight on!

With a continuous working week ahead, i am definitely looking forward to some plans. Starting a rare morning shift today after work with family, Tuesday off with the best friend dinner after her work , Wednesday Nutella Cupcakes for work, Thursday Hair cut and Sunday lunch meetup with a friend.

Alright I am all set for the week ahead! May you have a great week as well. Good Morning!

21st March 2016 (Monday) 0625hrs


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