I totally lost the daily updates ever since I lost my phone on the 6th March 2016. It was my day 4 at KL and the one time I never use the grab taxi/car app was the day I became careless and dropped my phone in the cab together with my safety net credit card and driving license for ID purposes.

Thank god I wasn’t alone when it happened so I got one of my friend to borrow me a spare phone for me to call to cancel my credit card and efforts of trying my best to locate my phone but to no avail. Our plan to go for the National Zoo didn’t happen because I was down myself with the loss of my phone and the whole day just brought me down a lot.

 The next few days I was just exploring via gut instincts and window-shopping walks around my area and the town arena. It will be much better if I had my personal phone and credit card to go for adventures of sightseeing. Well I guess there is a reason behind the incident and definitely explore some places I have planned before when I come back to KL.

 Today is my family weekend and my off after 10 straight days of afternoon shifts. I have been catching up with my series and I totally stop my daily updates but I am going to start those again from today onwards after 2 weeks of not updating of not answering the daily prompts.

 I got a new phone Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge which I could wait 3 more days to get the latest Samsung Galaxy S7 series but I cant seem to live without my apps running back here. My new Credit ATM card already been made. I am left with my replacement of my driving license that is not so urgent as I wont be driving anyway.

All right to upcoming posts that weren’t updated soon so stay tuned to the spam of my two weeks duration plus current prompt posts soon.

 20th March 2016 (Sunday), 1730hrs


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