5th March 2016: Day 3 Shopping Walks


Day 3 was all about shopping. My day started with swimming in the pool. I went to bukit bintang area first to walk walk then have lunch at Madam Kwans for lunch Fish Noodle Soup. There’s still so many things to see here and well probably shop for.


The next stop is going to Masjid India Streets where fabrics, scarfs and what not. Furthermore there is the jakel mall that is having SALE. All the scarfs needed were spent from there.


After which off went to walk to petaling street but then made a detour to central market which is more souveniurs based, artsy, antiques kind of item. This is where I get the souveniurs from.


Petaling Street is still the place to go after that but again a detour to Kota Raya. The building is really old and most of the shops were closed at this time.


Just 2 minutes away is the main destination Petaling Street and oh man its like one big pasar malam sell of almost everything. I didn’t get anything from here though. 


And at last dinner at Subway!  Made my own turkey sandwich. And yes enjoy it while it last!


Day 4 up next!


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