4th March 2016: Day 2 Architecture. Historic. Museums.


Day 2 started a little late for me today. I went out about 11am and walk around the streets of the vicinity nearby. After which I used Grab to get a taxi however twice it shows appeared but never appear.  I tried to flag one but it didn’t stop. After which somebody got down and I took over. 


Off straight I head to the National Mosque for Friday Prayers from chow kit via taxi MYR 10 (SGD 4). I went there early and got to attend a short talk about our strong belief and connection to Allah which was a good one before the Friday prayers and sermons. The interior of the Mosque is spectacular and huge. When I came, there were so few people that I forget I was in a Muslim country which Afterwards filled with so many people. Friday sermon today was about making the right decisions by knowing what is right and wrong. 


After which I wanted to go to Islamic Arts Museum but went to the opposite direction which lands me to National Textile Museum which is a free admission. The museum showcase different types of how textiles were made, the varieties in culture, how it is used and the accessories that goes with it.


Upon leaving I ask for directions to the Islamic Arts Museum and to my surprise it is just behind the National Mosque. Entry to the museum is MYR 12.70 (SGD 5) as there is no special galleries at the moment. Full of knowledge and how islam influences in various things such as scriptures, architecture, fabric, accessories, people and things. I drop something a magnet in the gift shop which have a slight damage and I have to buy it. I’m so clumsy but oh wells I got magnet to display.


Next I went to the music museum which also have free admission.  Knowing the different styles of music and instruments of various culture. The influential P Ramlee was the main iconic music in Malaysia that’s for sure.


Hop to the next building is the city gallery. Knowing the historic places and things to do in the city of Kuala Lumpur. A short exhibition for MYR 5 ( SGD 2).


Other than that, I walked around and capture nice architectures of historic buildings like the KTM Railway Station, Sultan Ahmed Building,  Merdeka Square which rain in the end of the evening and I got soaked drying underground which I ate ice cream while looking at graffiti underground. 


After the rain got better, I walked for 1.5km all the way back to my hotel and found a few places which I can walk to the next time. I dry myself up and rest a little and after which I get my dinner/supper at KFC 24 hours nearby. They ran out of their Wasabi wrap which I don’t find in Singapore. So I get the Zinger box and cheesy wedges which was heavenly. KFC is a popular fast food chain in Kuala Lumpur unlike in Singapore which is McDonald’s. 
Time for exploring Day 3!



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