2nd March 2016:
62/366 Places
Beach, mountain, forest or somewhere else entirely?

Firstly all those mentioned are all natural places which I truly love to spend my time with enjoying Allah’s creations. These places are basically peaceful places which you can take your mind off things, release tensions and stress and/or do personal reflections.

Speaking of which, I am on a getaway to somewhere like Singapore that is Kuala Lumpur Malaysia for 1 week. It is a city area and not like many of those scenic places mention but it’s away from Singapore meaning I can take my time to relax, not think of work and just enjoy what Kuala Lumpur have to offer. I will also be having 2 separate posts for daily prompts as well as my how I spent my holiday.

3rd March 2016 Time check 0256 hrs. Safely arrived Kuala Lumpur via coach and check into Grand Continental Hotel via taxi from Berjaya Times Square at MYR 13.10 (SGD 4.35). A shout out to the security officer who paid the taxi fare on my behalf upon arrival because I have no small change and the reception wasn’t at the counter at the post of time. Thank you for the great service and a great start of my stay.

Alright time to sleep. Goodnight!


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