22nd February 2016: 53/366 Seconds

Describe the most satisfying meal you’ve ever eaten, in glorious detail.

The most satisfying meal has got to be inclusive more than just the meal itself. Here are some factors to consider on having a good meal; they are

  • The company you are with. Accompanied meal will make a huge difference than eating alone. I do enjoy family gatherings, dinners, and meals with friends. I don’t usually go to a restaurant and eat alone unless I travel alone but if I am here in Singapore, I usually go have meals with friends and family unless during work or at home.
  • The place you are at. Recently I went to a buffet restaurant and the setting arrangement of the furniture is too narrow and it is harder for us to move around. So the place itself does make a difference, a spacious clean place will make a better impact than a tight crowded dirty location. Of course eating by the beach or in an air condition are other plus points for the comfort of us. 
  • The service you are getting. Good service does play a part. Long waiting time for your food can be a hassle that is why having some company does make a difference. The ways the staffs attend to you also contribute to having a good meal.
  • Last but not least is the food itself. The temperature needs to be just nice and not cold, Presentation also plays a part for the appetite of the person eating as visuals comes first before somebody taste it. Good presentation also a plus points for Instagram worthy shots to spread the free advertisements on social media to the world. The price and portion are also other factors. Most importantly is the ultimate taste. It needs to be delicious for the most satisfying meal ever!

22nd February 2016 (Monday), 1323hrs


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