20th February 2016: 51/366 A Plot of Earth

You’re given a plot of land and have the financial resources to do what you please. What’s the plan?

 This prompt took me three times of waking up because I dozed of each single time I want to answer the prompt. I guess I am that dead tired from the lack of rest I had surviving 10 days straight of work inclusive of 4 of the days I had back to back shift and considering I fell sick on the 5th day doing the back to back shift.

 Today I had my first dinner treat to my family of 14 people to celebrate my first job confirmation on the 23rd February 2016 happening tomorrow and yes I was informed that I am a confirmed employee after 3 months of my probation. It is also an opportunity to celebrate two of my family members birthdays falling this February that is my aunt (20th February 2016) and my cousin (21st February 2016).

 Our family dinner took place at The Buffet City @ Tanjong Pagar Community Club. Thanks to their advertisement efforts, I managed to get to know this place. The spreads for the buffet are basically more to the Chinese Cuisine despite having some other fusion elements of other food cuisine types. The spreads of food are also mostly on the side dishes rather than main dishes as their only star main dish are their crabs of different flavours which I didn’t eat though because I am damn full by then eating all their many other side dishes such as Sushi, Fried Food, Cooked Food, Steamed food, Soups and desserts. One problem I had for them which they could improve is the lack of space movement, knowing that their space is small to accommodate many customers as possible. They can actually rearrange their sitting tables and chairs so that it wont be too narrow for their customers to actually walk around. However in terms of the pricing, it is worth paying for it online so you don’t have to pay the extra 10% service charge. Service wise from the staffs, they try their very best to speed up their operations despite having just a few number. Overall recommended to make a reservation if you want to come here; nonetheless thank you Buffet City for having my family & I for dinner. Overall rating: 3.7/5

 Now back to my overdue deadline for the prompt before having my full rest, If I am given a plot of land with all the financial resources I will get; I will be looking more to conservation of that plot of land filled with mother nature natural existence mainly because we have just too many buildings here in Singapore and it seems that every plot of land have been maximized to building residential flats. So if I am given a plot of land; I will make sure that plot of land is reserved untouched to get the full experience of mother nature existence for our generations to come.

 21st February 2016 (Sunday), 0441hrs


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