18th February 2016: 49/366 Far From Normal

Many of us think of our lives as boringly normal, while others live the high life. Take a step back, and take a look at your life as an outsider might. Now, tell us at least six unique, exciting, or just plain odd things about yourself.

 I am so agreeing with that statement above because I always felt that each person is way interesting than myself which making less notice how interesting I can be too because each person is unique in their own ways. I am not sure how others might look at my life like but here are six things about me that might be considered more than boring: 

  1. I am a smiley which most people tend to associate me with. The bad part is my expression show how stress I can be when I am handling a situation but actually I am not really that stress, I am just thinking hard for solutions to the problem. I have sleepy face if I don’t smile thanks to my baggage of my eyes but its true that I am always tired and sleepy when I am on journeys or have nothing to do.
  1. My patience level is really high but don’t push it. Its true that I hardly get angry and I am very patient because I can accept the things that happen in the end but if it gets overboard…. Yes I am still patient handling the situation but I will let it out with whines and complains aftermath the situation I just been through to show I am mad and angry at something which eventually goes to rest like fast. The feeling goes the same to sadness.
  1. Unpredictability creates the surprises in me. I am very unpredictable as I could change or divert instantly when handling or dealing with a situation. You and I know will never know sometimes what will happen next as I play my cards by situational based. That is why decision making for some things can be tough, going the extra mile can be magical and taking the blame for things are common.
  1. I do not have a fixed interest or hobby because either time do not allow me to and I just couldn’t seem to execute it because of some other reasons. This is why I find myself boring. I do love to do some things but it’s always done at random intervals. My life commitment now is basically my 6 days work week and my daily prompt blog posts.
  1. Honesty is really built in me. I really cannot lie unless there is a loophole that somehow it is true but opinion wise I am pretty much direct on your face. I do actually try my best to deliver it in a nicest possible way if I do not know you well. However if you know me well and so do I; direct honesty can be an ouch. Yes I am also a silent killer thanks to this and bring me to the next point.
  1. Talking is not my strength because it takes so much effort for me to form sentences and deliver them out because I start to stutter/jumble up words/couldn’t speak or just mute at any time. That is why I am quiet most of the time and more expressive in terms of texts. I am actually surprised that with this weakness I have; I do enjoy being in a customer service line and to where I am now; I am proud and blessed with what I have.

18th January 2016 (Thursday), 2325hrs


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