12th February 2016: 43/366 All About You

Explain why you chose your blog’s title and what it means to you.

 Randomblockspaces is actually my second blog. My first blog was also from wordpress called “nizamhappieboyz”. I basically have moved on from that nickname and wanted to start afresh with a new blog because I became inactive.

 Randomblockspaces started last year August 17 where I want to write differently with the blog by having my poetries, recaps of posts, answering life questions, sharing fun facts and sharing of sketches and quotes on life lesson. I tried my best to make it a habit but then again at some point I just ran out of ideas.

 2016 is where Randomblockspaces became a space for my daily reflection journals of answering the prompt of the day with my muses and interesting experiences. My goal was to submit daily before 2359 but then I started to have frequent afternoon shifts that sometimes I rushed through a post to do it before deadline. It sometimes limits the way I think so I still post it daily but this time I will do the post before heading to bed. So if you have not seen my post publish, I probably not end my day/night yet.

I am not expressive in terms of in person as talking is not my biggest strength. I usually hide negative feelings behind my mask because my positive self always shine through. Randomblockspaces is a platform for me to express and for people to know random muses in my head by answering these prompts. If it is not a prompt, probably the posts would be uncategorized like poetries and non prompts posts.

13th February 2016 (Saturday), 0158hrs



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