11th February 2016: 42/366 Whoa!

What’s the most surreal experience you’ve ever had?

 My 23 chapters turning 24 life book pages itself have been a surreal experience I have been through. I have been into high points in life such as Climbing Mount Kinabalu, lowest point of almost drowning incidents, achieving goals such as graduations and haunting nightmares such reliving things you will not want to happen again.

 Sometimes I even experience dejavus like wait I have seen this before or this happened before kind of feeling and even see bad happenings that will happen on me even though in the end nothing happened. Sometimes I don’t even recognize myself and I woke up knowing what I have done or just happened.

 The most surreal experience of all the things I have been through at the end is I still choose to be naïve knowing that everybody I met are good people with no bad agenda behind despite knowing how much pain was caused and chances were given. It’s disappointing just how much buttons were pushed, lines were crossed and trusts were played out.

 You know you thought this year things will be better, it will but I just happened to relive nightmares again because I wasn’t brave enough to put myself forward and gave trusts and chances to those who just misused it.

 Surreal as it is, a note to myself “ please continue to be strong and fight so that you continue to be the best you always be and not be the worst you wont want to become.”

 12th February 2016 (Friday), 0311hrs


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