7th February 2016: 38/366 Right to Health

Is access to medical care something that governments should provide, or is it better left to the private sector? Are there drawbacks to your choice?

My very well off day spent with family reunion over  movies/series at my sister’s house with my constantly active niece running and screaming non-stop. By evening, most shops are closed and the shopping areas are very deserted with only fast food outlets like MacDonald and KFC and convenience store 7-11 are open. I was craving for Beef Prosperity but I didn’t manage as the outlet at Sengkang out of stock of Beef Prosperity and Twister Fries but I did manage to get the Chicken Prosperity however doesn’t taste as good as the beef. As the burger is a seasonal Chinese New Year thing; I guess I might have to wait for the next year for it unless I stumble upon an outlet that I can grab it straight away.

Today’s prompt is interestingly controversial question. Do you think government should provide healthcare 100% to its citizens? If yes, we probably have our taxes, GST and even our CPF cut off even higher than it already has. Things also will be very even more expensive than it already is. Health is very important and for most of us hopefully who takes care well of our health would probably work harder to support those who needs more medical attention that can be not very fair I suppose. Subsidies that we are getting with government hospitals and polyclinics are already good enough. Medisave CPF savings is also a lifesaver on a later age usage.

8th February 2016 (Monday), 0150hrs


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