3rd February 2016: 34/366 Writing Room

A genie has granted your wish to build your perfect space for reading and writing. What’s it like?

 Thank you Genie for granting me a perfect space for reading/writing. This would not be part of my list however it is definitely something that I would love to have in my vision of my very own writing inspired working room. These are my ideas:

  • A wall that filled with frames of my own sketches, drawings and paintings, as I would love to fill my walls with my own work rather than having it wallpapered. I do thought of having it all white and paint my work on it however in terms of replacing; it would be nice if it is detachable and easily replaced without destroying the art pieces made.
  • A shelf with my very own travelogue photo albums of different cities/countries would be nice since I love travelling and will inspire me further to plan trips and getaways.

Boxes of scrapbooking materials such as writing materials, art materials and paper products of different kinds.

My laptop for any digital work. Not forgetting multifunctional printer for printing, scanning and photocopying. Also a standby of laminating machine for any lamination.

That’s what I called my dream working space.

3rd February 2016 (Wednesday), 2336hrs

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