30th January 2016: 30/365 Burning Down the House

Your home is on fire. Grab five items (assume all people and animals are safe). What did you grab?

Wow I wish this will never happened to my home but if it ever did and I can grab at least 5 items. The items I will grab are: (not in order of importance)

1. HARD DRIVE: I have so many things saved in my hard drive from photos to music to documents and projects. It is a must to save this because not all of them are saved online and these are momories/hard work.

2. CERTIFICATES: Original copies of the certificates I achieved in my whole life is a must to keep because I earned every single one and with some unreplaceable.

3. MEMORY BOX: I have a memory box where I kept all the gifts/souveniurs/notecards given by my loved ones and friends. These are things given to me that I treasure. These doesn’t cost much but it does to me.

4. PASSPORT: This is something can be replaced but well the stamps of places we travel aren’t.  Besides it is a universal identity to have on me just in case nobody believe where I come from.

5. CASH: I do have cash kept at home as so called my second side savings from everyday use like loose coins or random notes. I have cash in my bank but these cash items also includes other countries currencies and old coins/notes that couldn’t find anymore and yes they are definitely valuable.

30th January 2016 (Saturday), 2359hrs.


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