23rd January 2016: 23/365 Shipwrecked
Read the story of Richard Parker and Tom Dudley. Is what Dudley did defensible? What would you have done?

I really cannot do this prompt. When I Googled the story, the story is just too many words and it made me sleepy. So I rather give this prompt a pass. 

Nonetheless, I think a person’s decision to do something shouldn’t be judge by us unless he/she had broken the law and we have to report it. Other than that, their decisions of actions are simply their own doings. I also have to say that different people will do things differently so it’s unfair for the person decision to act that way to be judged based on non procedure lawful way.

Aside from the prompt, I had one tired day and night like literally but it’s all worth it. Preparations that was done, made and happened was presented and went smoothly. I am glad that my niece 2nd birthday gathering was a success with close families and friends bonding together. Thank you all for
the help and your presence too. May more gatherings to come for us families to bond together. 

With that time check past deadline and bedtime. Currently overnight at the Changi cottage with family. Time to rest.  Goodnight!  🙂


24th January 2016 (Sunday) 0238hrs


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