21st January 2016: 21/365 Sweet Sixteen

When you were 16, what did you think your life would look like? Does it look like that? Is that a good thing?

 When I was 16, I was in secondary 4 taking my ‘N’ Levels. I think that’s where I thought my life would look like and it did. Being able to be in school at 16, it’s the normal thing here in Singapore. It’s good that I was still in school at 16 but at the same time; when I was 16 was when things got a changing point of character because it was a start when deep cuts were made. I wouldn’t want to say because it wasn’t meant to be shared either.

 Of course these traumatizing incidents help me to where I am today; it made me strong no matter how bad these things are.

 *I celebrated my friend’s Radyia belated birthday today trying out MakiSan for the first time so as Cocoa Colony. Hope you like your birthday treats and presents. 

MakiSan @ The Cathay is a value worth sushi maker as we are able to choose the ingredients we want in our sushi. They also do salad pickers and other side snacks. The service was also efficient and fast, ratings 5/5. Cocoa Colony @ Somerset 313 is a café, the staff service was really accommodating and friendly which makes customers want to actually stay and get a drink. I had Pink Strawberry Smoothie and Radyia had Chocolate Ice Blend and their signature sherbet. Ratings: 5/5.

 21st January 2016 (Thursday), 2359hrs


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