18th January 2016: 18/365 Free Association

Write down the first words that comes to mind when we say . . . home. . . soil. . . rain. Use those words in the title of your post.

I know I will have to use the three associated words to make a title of the post in this prompt but seriously I cannot think of anything at the moment. However today’s prompt, I am going to do it with Mr Hazril who has trouble sleeping so that he gets bored and finally yawn to sleep. So basically I am gong to ask him the associated word with those 3 in the prompt and compare our answers with reasons why we associate the words with the given words. By the way his answers were told before I inform him I am going to post it on my daily prompt today.

Word Nizam Hazril
Home Family –No matter what happens, family will always stick together. Family is blood therefore that’s where home is. Bed – That’s the first thing I look forward to
Soil Adventure – Travelling through different soils is one journey that will make you venture and learn something, Salad – ….source of food.


*This is really interesting, that doesn’t come into my mind at first

Rain Shelter – You probably want to stay dry when it rains, besides rain probably gives you time to stop and relax as the time slows down a little. *No reply probably fallen asleep. *

0756: Water – thats where you can shower, to keep yourself clean or drinking to keep yourself hydrate

Before I can even conclude and told him I’m using his answers for my daily prompt today. He fell asleep at the third word. He probably would know this after he wakes up tomorrow morning.

18th January 2016 (Monday), 2350hrs


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